Writing Prompt Roster

To be included in the “Writing Prompt Roster”, you must have submitted at least two stories in the last sixty days.

The next writer in order may choose any kind of writing prompt as well as any required elements they so wish to include.

Examples include (but are not limited to): a first line, last line, general theme, genre specific prompt, based on an image – the possibilities are endless.

The roster is in alphabetical order and we try to update it every 60 days.

Next update 09/01/2020.

  • Alyssa Daxson
  • Robt. Emmett
  • Ken Frape
  • Ilana Leeds
  • Ken Miles
  • Alice Nelson
  • Marien Oommen
  • Phil Town
  • Roy York
  • Carrie Zylka
  • Rathin Bhattacharjee
  • Kenneth Cartisano
  • Victoria Chvatal

See How to Participate for complete rules and disclaimers.

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updated 10/22/2020

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