DEADLINE EXTENDED!! April 12- May 2, 2018 Flash Fiction Contest “Elements”

Theme: Elements

Story Requirements:

Your story must contain these 3 elements: Identical Twins, a party invitation, and a Locked closet. Everything else is up to you -the writer, as long as these 3 elements are present. Good luck!

Word Count: 1,200

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4 thoughts on “DEADLINE EXTENDED!! April 12- May 2, 2018 Flash Fiction Contest “Elements”

  • April 13, 2018 at 8:28 am

    Just checking in to get stories and comments.

  • April 17, 2018 at 11:04 am

    Dear Joe,
    I sent you a story for publication in the morning. I didn’t know anything about the rules for participation at that time. I came to know about the Flush Fiction Contest later, and scribbled a story on the 3 elements shortly afterwards. I seem to have made lots of mistakes in the first draft. I’ve just edited the final draft and am sending it to you in the hope of being allowed to take part in the contest.
    With regards and best wishes, 
    The Brutal End:
    ” Deepa,  Sashi here. Can you come to the Central Morgue behind your swimming club? Following a lead I’m come here and I’ve the feeling that this time we’re on the right track..” Inspector Sashi sounded tensed yet excited.
    “I’m on my way, Sir. Give me 15 minutes.”
    “That’s fine. You will find me just near the hospital gate..”
    Now standing near the locked closet, Deepa found herself recollecting the one thousand one gods and godesses of Hinduism. From the hospital gate they’d taken the short trail to the Morgue. As she entered, the rotten smell of the dead bodies made her feel like throwing up. Just at the entrance, she had seen the dead body of a man wrapped from head to toe in a white cloth on a rickshaw. The man in-charge told the Inspector of a gruesome attack on the murdered man by the members of the opposition party. What really gave her the creeps was the gaping hole in place of the missing thumb. The man trying to protect himself from the knives and swords of the attackers, raised his right hand..Deepa had shivered at the brutality. Holding the hanky to her nose, she followed Inspector Sashi. Soon they were standing in front of the rows of locked closets. The body of a woman, probably in her 80s, was lying on a carrier on the floor. The dead mosquitoes around her decaying body told a tale of the neglect and disrespect of old age. Deepa turned her face, the In charge in the meanwhile had turned the key in the keyhole. For a moment her heart skipped a beat. The smiling face of her twin, Dona,  flashed through her mind. Dona’s words kept ringing in her mind:
    “You know, Dee, as long as we’re together, no one can lay a finger on us…”
    That fatal Thursday they were done with their swimming lessons for the day. Both were certified trainers. In her purple swiming costume, Dona looked a stunner. Though they were identical twins, Dona was the fitter of the two with a body that would put the most glam-diva to shame. 5 feet 6, weighing around 60 kgs,  she would stand out in a crowd anywhere in the world if for nothing else then for the gray-brown eyes that gave her the killer look. No wonder, she wanted to join the modelling world. The only thing that differentiated the twin was the mole that Dona had on her left thigh. A secret , other than to Deepa, known only to their parents.
    As the sisters came out of the change room, looking glamorous and gorgeous in their faded jeans and shirts,  a young man came running from the men’s end of the lake and nearly dashed against Deepa in the process.
    “Who’s Dona here?” He looked askance from one sister to another. He had never seen anything like this. Two girls looking as if one was the carbon copy of the other.
    “I’m the one. What can I do for you, dumbo?”
    The young man looked offended. I came to know about you from a friend working for the club. You might have heard about my father, Shyamal Sarkar ..” the sisters exchanged a look of recognition between them. Who hasn’t heard of Shyamal Sarkar in Bengal? He was the most sought-after producer at the moment. 
    Their exchange was noted by the youth. “We’re looking for someone for our next,” he stopped here and gave Dona an appreciative look and carried on, “if you’re interested, you’ve to meet us at the Uttam-Suchitra Studio within an hour. There’s a party going on in connection with the shooting which takes off tomorrow. The debutante will also be introduced there to the others.”
    Deepa shook her head trying to refrain her twin from the nocturnal venture. They had reached by then, near the Ramkrishna Mission, Goal Park. It was a beautiful evening and Dona for one was a fearless girl. 
    “You go ahead, Dee. I’ll try to catch up with you near the Gariahat Bus Stand. If it gets late, I’ll give you a ring. Won’t you wish me luck…?” 
    Dona didn’t catch up with her at the bus stand. Not even at home. Aninda Babu lodged a police case soon after 9.30. The police investigation went on for days without any news of her sister. When Inspector Sashi met her at home and asked  what had transpired between them and Aryan, the notorious son of the producer, she tried to tell him as much as she could remember. Inspector Sashi picked the young up from a brothel the following week.
    One disclosure led to another and the picture that emerged was nothing sort of scary. They had gone to the studio all right. During the party, the Assistant Director had offered Dona a drink, which she’d politely refused. Aryan in the short period of time had become quite possessive of Dona and elbowed the Assistant out of the hall. It seemed the man got obsessed with Dona’s charm and came back with his henchmen.In the ensuing scuffle, as Aryan was totally booked,  Dona, a martial arts specialist, tried to save him from the hooligans. She was hit with a lethal weapon from behind twice. The second blow made her fall face down with blood gushing out from the back of the head.
    Standing near the locked closet, Deepa found her whole body shaking uncontrollably. She shouldn’t have let her go alone.
     “As long as we’re together, no one can lay a finger on us.” She felt guilty and heart-broken. The door of the closet was pulled open by then. Deepa heaved a sigh of relief. Thank God! No rotten body sprang out from inside. The only thing inside was a white themos box, some two feet by two in length and width. The stench was nauseating. Deepa held her hanky close to her nose again.
    “The cut-out pieces were placed inside the thermos. It was left outside the rear exit of the Morgue, Sir. As per your advice, I brought it inside myself with the rubber gloves and all. Not trusting anyone else with it and not letting anyone tamper with it either..”
    Inspector Sashi looked back at Deepa as he bent down to remove the cover. Deepa heard someone screaming her lungs out from deep down as the first object that met her eyes was the gory mole on a chunk of a rotten,  decayed flesh.
    The End.

  • April 18, 2018 at 11:17 am

    Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, Carrie and I are going to extend the deadline for this prompt, in order to accommodate the extension of the bonus contest, “Eclipse.” This means the deadline for “Elements” will now be May 2nd. Thank you for all your hard work and getting stories submitted even though your lives are very busy, we truly appreciate you all.

    If you have any questions you can email them to:

    Thank you,
    Carrie & Alice


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